Already a medical cannabis patient

and know a lot of other cannabis patients?
Then a Provider, might be a good opportunity.
Be rewarded, for your compassionate money saving efforts.​
Providers have earned,

$15,000.00+ yearly
Positions available immediately.

If you are a talented grower, or would like to be, we provide almost everything,  you will need.
Share the cost and benefit from your labor.
Grow your own medicine and list your extra product, for patients in your county, or state.
Safely, anonymously and efficiently.
Producers have earned,

$36,000.00 up to $160,000.00+
​a year.
Positions available immediately.

Are you an average person seeking a job? Then you are looking in the wrong place.
However, if you are an above average person, who is self motivated, diligent and a true entrepreneur.... 
the "Green Rush", is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

​All opportunities available, will require:
Excellent Reading ComprehensionGreat Organizational Skills, Self Motivation & Consistent Attention to Detail.
All available opportunities are Independent Contractor relationships.
We do not mandate hours of operation, determine methods, or dictate management.
You are your own boss.

Have a fuel efficient vehicle & valid license?

A courier opportunity might be

a good choice for you.
​Couriers earn
$10,600.00 up to $38,000.00+

​a year, in some cities. 
Courier has the most applicants.

Wait of up to 2 years, in some cities .

10 to 30 hours a week.


Are you able to work from home?

Would you prefer to work from home?

Have computer and internet access?

A Promotional Agent,

may be a great opportunity for you.

Earning $18,000.00+ yearly