C.O.M.P.  Program
Patients with EpilepsyMultiple Sclerosis, and Terminal Diagnosed Cancers, qualify for our 

Compassionate Ounce per Month Program
Medicines include, but vary by state: CBDConcentratesEdiblesFlowersOilsOintments & Tinctures.

Many other diagnosed conditions will qualify for a FREE Membership, allowing the use of Members Order Form.
Will require current, medical cannabis recommendation and verifiable physicians documentation, of diagnosis.
                         We apologize for the strict policies, but unfortunately it is the only way we can continue to operate a                                    Not for Profit Compassion Club.
We are dedicated in the fight, to assist patients, in obtaining premium quality medicine at affordable costs.
Our goal is hopefully to see it below $.50 cents a gram, one day soon.

     Product quality and THC% levels may vary state to state and/or county to county.
     All products listed may not be available in your area.
If the product requested is not available in your area, you will be notified by email response.
We strongly implore patients to please give us your feedback on the quality of products.

  • Toke and Exhale0:02
  • A Day in the Life0:00
  • Abortion [#]4:29
  • Alcatraz3:52
  • All My Love5:56
  • All Right Now5:42
  • All You Need Is Love0:00
  • All Star3:19
  • Already Gone0:00
  • Van Morrison - And it stoned me0:00
  • Angelsea4:30
  • Animal3:39
  • Animals4:05
  • Another brick in the wall11:34
  • Apeman3:51
  • Apostrophe5:52
  • Frampton - Baby I love your way0:00
  • Back Door Man3:33
  • Bad Moon Rising0:00
  • Badge2:46
  • Bawitdaba4:27
  • Be Free3:17
  • Bennie and The Jets5:23
  • I've Seen Better Days3:29
  • Big City0:00
  • Big Log4:59
  • Black Crow Blues3:14
  • Black days4:42
  • Black Dog4:57
  • Black Hole Sun5:18
  • Blue Sunday2:09
  • Bobby Brown2:51
  • Boom Boom3:20
  • Born to Be Wild0:00
  • Branded Man - (M.Haggard)3:09
  • Brandy3:06
  • Breathe2:48
  • Brighter Days8:01
  • Rolling Stones - Brown sugar0:00
  • Frampton - All i want to be is by your side0:00
  • Bye Bye, Love2:11
  • California Dreamin'2:40
  • California0:00
  • Chain Gang2:36
  • Changes IV3:32
  • Chantilly Lace2:23
  • Cinnamon Girl 3:00
  • Come Out and Play3:17
  • Commotion0:00
  • The Cover Of The Rolling Stones2:54
  • Cowboy4:18
  • Crap on the Radio3:08
  • Crazy3:48
  • Crazy2:43
  • Cry Me A River1:18
  • Aerosmith5:09
  • Custard Pie4:15
  • Dealer3:54
  • Dear Diary3:56
  • Deep6:51
  • Destroyer3:47
  • Diggin'3:57
  • Do It Again4:10
  • Frampton - Doobie wah0:00
  • Downtown5:10
  • EarlyBird3:02
  • Embrace The Change0:00
  • Eminence Front5:25
  • Emotional Love0:00
  • Ends4:33
  • Every Day Is A Winding Road0:00
  • Ezy Ryder4:09
  • Fairies Wear Boots6:13
  • Family affair3:04
  • Fast Company4:00
  • 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover3:29
  • Fire4:25
  • Forever3:46
  • Forever Man3:14
  • Forty Six & 26:04
  • Four Sticks4:44
  • 40 OZ to Freedom0:00
  • Freedom3:26
  • Friends3:54
  • F**k That3:42
  • Get Free2:06
  • Get It On4:26
  • Go Home2:35
  • Goin' Home8:49
  • Going Up The Country2:52
  • Gold0:00
  • Searching With My Good Eye Closed6:31
  • Greatest Hits0:00
  • Green River0:00
  • Harvest Moon5:05
  • Have You Ever Seen the Rain?0:00
  • Heaven 4:19
  • Hello, Goodbye0:00
  • Hello, I Love You2:14
  • Here Comes the Sun0:00
  • Hero3:16
  • Neil Young - Hey, hey, my,my0:00
  • Hey Joe7:09
  • Hey Jude7:08
  • Hey Lawdy Mama0:00
  • Hey Nineteen5:07
  • Hey Yeah3:14
  • Hey You4:40
  • Heyjoe3:28
  • Honey5:22
  • Honkey Tonk Woman3:02
  • HorseHead4:02
  • Hot Dog3:18
  • Hot Fun In The Summertime3:03
  • Hot Rod Lincoln2:43
  • Hot_Stuff5:20
  • Hotel California0:00
  • Hypocracy0:00
  • I Ain't Been Right Since You Went Wrong1:49
  • I Am A Bitch I'm A Lover4:08
  • I Am the Walrus0:00
  • I Can Help0:00
  • I get knocked down!.mp33:32
  • I Shot the Sheriff0:00
  • IDA RED2:19
  • Greatest Hits0:00
  • I'm A Believer3:12
  • In France3:33
  • In the City0:00
  • In The Summertime3:25
  • Isis6:59
  • It's All Going to Pot2:59
  • Its Been A While6:39
  • It's Too Late0:00
  • I've Seen Better Days0:00
  • Jackamo Road0:00
  • James Dean0:00
  • Jazzman0:00
  • Jerry0:00
  • Jupiter's Child0:00
  • Just Another Day0:00
  • 08 - Kashmir8:25
  • Lady Madonna0:00
  • Large World Turning0:00
  • Law Dogs3:20
  • Lay Down (Candles In the Rain)0:00
  • Layla7:04
  • Lenny Kravitz - Lets get high0:00
  • Neil Young - Let's roll4:27
  • Lie To Me4:10
  • Life in the Fast Lane0:00
  • Life Is Hard0:00
  • Like A Rolling Stone6:51
  • Like a Rolling Stone6:07
  • Limelight0:00
  • Little Lucy3:42
  • Lodi0:00
  • Lola4:03
  • Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)3:18
  • Lookin' Out My Back Door0:00
  • Lost Again5:15
  • Lost & Found0:00
  • Lotta Love0:00
  • Lotta Love2:38
  • Love Is Strong3:50
  • Love Potion No. 9 (Single Version)1:53
  • Love Rollercoaster (Extended)4:50
  • Love Street2:51
  • Love the One You're With0:00
  • Love Will Keep Us Alive0:00
  • Lovelight4:29
  • Lowdown3:48
  • Lowrider3:13
  • Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds0:00
  • Maggie May0:00
  • Magical Mystery Tour2:48
  • Make Glad4:18
  • Mama Tried2:11
  • Marry You4:59
  • Mary Jane2:58
  • Me and Bobby McGee0:00
  • Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)0:00
  • Mexico0:00
  • Midnight At The Oasis3:45
  • Midnight flyer0:00
  • Midnight Train5:21
  • Miracles0:00
  • Miss America3:55
  • Miss You4:48
  • Montana / Montana6:34
  • Mr. Babylon0:00
  • Mr. Bellows0:00
  • Mr. Bojangles0:00
  • Mr. Tambourine Man5:28
  • My Baby Don't Dance To Nothing But Ernest Tubb2:11
  • My Generation3:18
  • Nights In White Satine5:38
  • No Particular Place to Go2:46
  • No Sugar Tonight-Mother Nature4:51
  • No Time3:39
  • Oh Love5:03
  • Ol' 550:00
  • Neil Young - Old man3:22
  • Om5:46
  • My Own Way0:00
  • On the border0:00
  • On The Road Again4:55
  • One of these nights4:50
  • What if God was One of Us4:57
  • One Toke Over The Line3:21
  • Only You Know and I Know4:06
  • Out In The Woods3:37
  • Ozone Baby3:35
  • PassTthe Booze2:40
  • Peace Frog2:57
  • Peace Train4:05
  • Peaceful easy feeling4:16
  • Penny Lane3:01
  • Pigs11:21
  • Pilgrim5:49
  • Planet Caravan4:49
  • Planet Caravan4:02
  • Pocket Full of Kryptonite4:37
  • Prince Of Peace3:10
  • Proud Mary3:09
  • Put your Lights On4:45
  • Question5:43
  • Rain song4:31
  • The Green Cage3:25
  • Red Bandana2:31
  • Remedy5:22
  • Reminiscing4:14
  • Respect3:39
  • Revolution3:25
  • Right Time Wrong Place3:33
  • Ripple4:12
  • Rise Up3:45
  • Rock On2:57
  • Run Run Run2:43
  • Run Through the Jungle3:06
  • Rusty Cage4:25
  • Satisfaction3:48
  • Saw Red1:59
  • Say It6:59
  • Say Tonight3:58
  • Scarlet Begonias3:31
  • Season Of The Witch4:59
  • Seasons In The Sun3:28
  • Self Esteem4:18
  • Serenade3:11
  • Sex and Candy2:43
  • Shaman's blues4:48
  • Share the Land3:55
  • Shattered3:47
  • She Hates Me3:36
  • She Talks to Angels5:29
  • She's Come Undone.mp33:26
  • Ship Of Fools3:10
  • Showdown4:20
  • Sick Again4:42
  • Sister Golden Hair3:20
  • Sitting3:14
  • Skid Row1:54
  • Skin Tight7:54
  • Sleep Come Free Me4:43
  • Slip Slidin' Away4:46
  • Slow Ride4:22
  • Deep Purple - Smoke on the water3:58
  • Smoke Two Joints2:54
  • Smoke6:01
  • Smokin3:45
  • Smooth (Ft. Rob Thomas)4:56
  • So You Want to Be a Rock 'N' Roll Star2:08
  • Some Girls4:37
  • Give Me A Reason3:43
  • Someday Baby4:55
  • Janis Joplin - Son of a preacher man2:25
  • Soothe Me2:42
  • Sorrow8:45
  • Soul Kitchen3:35
  • Start Me Up3:34
  • Strange Brew2:46
  • Strange Days3:05
  • Strawberry Fields Forever4:07
  • Sugar3:44
  • Sultans of Swing5:46
  • Summer Days4:50
  • Sunny Afternoon3:33
  • Sunshine2:15
  • Superman6:27
  • Black Sabbath - SweetLeaf5:05
  • Sweet Hitch-Hiker2:55
  • Sweet Jane5:31
  • Tailgate3:49
  • Take it easy3:30
  • Take it to the limit4:47
  • Tangerine3:10
  • Taxi6:41
  • Tea For One9:26
  • Teenage Wasteland5:08
  • Teenagers2:42
  • Tequila sunrise2:52
  • The Actor4:39
  • The best of my love4:34
  • The Crystal Ship2:33
  • The End11:41
  • The Fool on the Hill2:59
  • The Fugitive2:58
  • The Full Catastrophe3:11
  • The Garden4:05
  • The Joker3:38
  • The Last Resort7:28
  • The Rolling Stones - The Last Time3:43
  • The Lion Sleeps Tonight2:41
  • The Loner3:50
  • The Long Run3:41
  • The Mosquito5:17
  • Neil Young - The needle and the damage done2:03
  • The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down3:23
  • The Pusher5:50
  • The Spy4:16
  • The Wall3:51
  • The Wizard4:24
  • Then The Morning Comes3:03
  • Third Rate Romance3:22
  • Thirty Days2:29
  • This May Not Be the End of the World5:29
  • Those Shoes4:55
  • Tight Rope3:01
  • Time Passages6:41
  • Truckin'8:09
  • Tryin'2:54
  • Tumbling Dice3:46
  • Turn To Me4:22
  • Under The Boardwalk2:43
  • Victim of Love4:10
  • Walk on the Wild Side4:11
  • White Rabbit5:08
  • White Room4:54
  • Wild Child4:37
  • Wildwood Weed2:40
  • Witchy Red4:15
  • With a Little Help from My Friends2:44
  • Woodstock4:28

Due to the tremendous variation in tolerance levels, we also offer lower THC choices, for those who are of a lower tolerance.

Sativa dominant strains are great for those who just love smoking without becoming overly inebriated.
If you are a seasoned medical cannabis user, we recommend Premium rating or above.

Click above for our history

The safety of everyone is our mission. 
 Individuals with bad intentions, will rarely present identification to register or order. 
 Individuals without authentic, verifiable credentials,

will not be able to complete orders for medicine.

THC-TheHumboldtConnection.org  is a 100% volunteer operated, not for profit cooperation.

​All others, are Independant Contractors, that we monitor feedback for quality control. 

All information available, is already included on this website. 
All orders must be placed, using correct Order Form.
Please read carefully. Orders may be denied, when reasonable cognitive ability, is in question. Preventing underage and fraudulent use.
Every pertinent, relevant, or answerable question, is answered on this Website, on Order Form, on your Order Invoice, or by email response.
We do NOT provide the following services. 

Express preferences, Give advice, Discuss policies , Offer diagnosis, nor Make Recommendations
No licensed physicians here.

We are NOT A "BUSINESS", we are a Compassion Club.
We do not have "Customers". We have only Patients.

We do not have "Employees", We have only Volunteers.
All contact and correspondence is done exclusively through email.

Website is supported by Advertisers, Sponsored Banners and Memberships, with ZERO profits from cannabis products.

Our purpose, is to help patients obtain medicine, at the lowest cost possible, while maintaining complete safety for all parties.


We sponsor this website for the purpose of: 
Safe Access to, direct from grower to patient and from patient to patient,

quality wholesale medicinal cannabis. 
Any donations requested by Providers is a shared cost and / or compensation for time,

nutrients, and other factors involved in the process of producing medical cannabis

not toward the sale or purchase, of the medicine itself. 
Cannabis products provided by medical cannabis patients, that have extra medications.
​Our efforts to provide consistent quality, privacy, safety and reliability at wholesale costs, 

depends upon dedicated Members, Patients and Volunteers. 

The more Members, Patients and Providers we have,  lowers the cost to everyone.
A medical cannabis patient should not have to pay double or more, than the recreational user
Call or write your local representative for reasonable medical cannabis laws.
For the safety of our couriers:
Deliveries are provided with a date for delivery only

Monday through Saturday.
​No deliveries on Sundays.
No time will be given
(8am to 7pm)
Couriers do not accept payment, make change, nor carry cash.
(Tips are appreciated)
We are very proud of our safety record.
​Through our collective alliance system, we have achieved 100% success, in protecting the safety of 
our members, sponsors, providers, vendors & patients.
Since the creation of our cooperative, we have never had a single robbery, theft or murder.
We have however, had two couriers arrested, in our 12 years.
We intend to continue our crusade for safe access, until the dangers are eradicated.
Speak out and tell your state representative to rally for complete DECRIMINALIZATION.
The dangers to safe access of medicinal cannabis, exist only because of the illegalities.